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Writing, part II

Last week I posted about EJ and writing. My struggle to strike a balance. I want to nudge him so he progresses but not so much that he shuts down. There seems to be a very small window between the two. This week he completed the second All About Spelling writing activity I mentioned in the previous post.

Objective: Use the following words in sentences. You may not use all the words in a single sentence, but you may combine one or more words into each sentence. The sentences may be unrelated to each other or related forming a paragraph.

I let thirty minutes go by before checking in on him. He had nothing on paper, and no ideas. My husband saw both of our frustration and stepped in to help. I don’t know if what he said helped EJ, but I do know that five minutes after his dad talked with him he brought this in to me:

feeding | spoonful | toothless | sobbing | plays

“I am feeding a toothless baby blue bird spoonful of bird seed. It eats, it plays, and it naps. feeding birds is fun!”


This is beautiful! Aside from some minor errors, for a boy who dislikes writing so much to come  up with something unexpected, is just an amazing thing! He has a great start here and I’d love to take it further, develop his idea a bit more, but I’ve made a decision to not critique his writing at this time. I feel he is a baby bird just peeking over the nest and will all too easily startle.

I have had a hard time pinning down exactly what my goals are for EJ and writing. In the long-term I hope that he is able to write well even if it’s never his passion or spark, but I know arriving there may take years.  Finally though, I think I’ve discovered my goal for the near future. That is to help him forget that he hates to write. To help him break the cycle of believing he cannot do it, to actually begin thinking of himself as a writer.