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Japan/Tsunami Relief

No sooner did I publish my last post than I found an email from one of my favorite organizations—The Foundation Beyond Belief—detailing their plans for receiving relief donations.

Foundation Beyond Belief is now accepting donations for relief efforts currently underway.

When the scale of damage is this large, we are sometimes stunned into inaction, feeling that a few dollars can’t make a difference. But as always, many small acts of generosity add up to a major impact. Now is the time to put humanist compassion to work.

To donate through the Foundation, go to and click on the ChipIn widget in the upper right sidebar. All contributions will go directly to secular relief organizations working in the affected areas.

Thanks for your help!


Dale McGowan

Executive Director

The FBB is the brain child of Dale McGowan who wrote and edited two parenting books I am fond of and recommend often to my less or non-religious friends. You can find both books at Amazon: Raising Freethinkers and Parenting Beyond Belief.

Please check out their website and consider a one-time donation through the widget on the right side-bar or making becoming a member and donating monthly.