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Today I learned…

Warning, politics ahead. Look away if you don’t want to see a rant by a progressive/liberal against some local Tea party or 9/12’ers.

Today I learned that abortion is at fault for social security insolvency. Yep, that’s right, too many people women getting abortions, means fewer people contributing to social security.

…believes the system is in danger because there are too few people contributing to it. The lack of contributors, he reckons, is due to abortion.

“If we’re aborting our kids that means we have less people putting into the system,” …

Might as well blame birth control too. Don’t forget to blame women who are having their first child later in life, or those that choose (gasp!) to remain childless. Perhaps, had I started pumping out the good little citizens when I was 20 instead of 37, there would be at least one or two more little Hamps contributing to social security today.

And on education?

“They have to remove history from school by taking God out of the schools. They literally cannot teach tons of the history of the founding fathers because there are hundreds of writings that deal with God and the founding of the country. They can’t teach that in school.”

I’ll tell you what I think has been removed from schools: critical thinking. Despite my overwhelming urge to debunk this ignorant statement I think I’ll not waste my time. Because frankly, I know that if this is what you believe then it doesn’t matter what I write here. What irritates me the most, is that some Christians can’t get past their own privileged long enough to understand that keeping religion out of public schools protects their rights even as it protects mine.

I’ll admit that I simply can’t relate to this kind of attitude. There’s an hypocrisy that I can’t get my head wrapped around. They claim to want the government out of personal lives but have no problem with government getting into spiritual matters. They are against government health care but many accept Medicare/Medicaid. They don’t want the government making health decisions (rightly so) for them, but are okay with legislating reproductive matters for women. Sometimes I think that I, like Alice, have fallen down the rabbit hole.


Can Non-Theists Be Patriotic?

This blog is primarily a blog about our family’s homeschooling journey. But it is also a personal blog and sometimes I get political. It’s quite possible you disagree with me. All I ask is that comments remain respectful. ~Hampchick

I’m not sure that I’m patriotic. You won’t pass my house and see an American flag flying, I am not god-fearing, and I believe that one sign of a great nation is that it cares for all of its people, not just those that have certain advantages or fit within a particular ‘norm’. On the other hand, I try to stay informed, I mostly live within the law, I believe the freedoms we have in this country are the basis for what makes it great. I want the United States of America to be the best country we can make it for ALL of our citizens. I may not seem patriotic, but I am dedicated to this country of mine.

I also happen to believe that asking children to recite an oath, a promise, a pledge, that no one has taken the time to explain to them is wrong. When that oath to country also includes a pledge to God we are excluding all of those that believe in multiple gods (Hindu’s, Wiccans), as well as those that believe in no gods (Buddhists, atheists) from being completely honest in making that pledge.

I realize there are some citizens who are just fine with excluding other citizens in this way. I personally know people who believe this and have been told, this is our pledge and if I don’t like it ‘I should just leave’. That the pledge is the pledge, it’s tradition.  That all schools don’t routinely recite the pledge is another sign of the decline of our nation. Of course it is their right as free citizens of the U.S. to completely disagree with me. They can suggest that I leave this country that my children were born in, that I was born in, that my parents were born in. They can try to make me feel like I am not wanted because of my freely expressed opinion. What they can’t do is actually force me to leave, nor can they force me to take an oath I do not fully believe in. Thankfully, this is the beauty of our nation and the basis on which it was founded.

If you are not one of those people, but instead are someone who hasn’t really given it much thought. Maybe you happen to ascribe to one of the three world views that believe in a singular God—Christianity, Judaism, Islam—and therefore don’t feel excluded or dishonest when reciting the pledge, I ask something of you. I ask that you take a few minutes today to consider why this isn’t a small issue to those that are excluded. With the goal of understanding, I ask you to read the following article written by Dave Niose and try to put yourself in the shoes of Lisa, John, and their young daughter and ask yourself, would I feel welcome?

By most standards, Lisa and John are model citizens. He’s a veteran, they are both college grads, and they’ve been married for over ten years. Both have good jobs, John in high-tech and Lisa in the medical field. They live in the Boston suburbs, send their kids to public school, and spend most of their waking hours juggling busy schedules involving work, school, and the kids’ activities.

Nevertheless, in the eyes of some, there is reason to question the patriotism of Lisa and John…

Please read more of Mr. Niose’s article at: Mommy, don’t we love America? | Psychology Today.