*We are a family of four. Mother, father, two sons. I’m the writer: the mom, Hampchick. We are a delayed family trying to catch up. Later marriage, later children, later second career. I am currently 45 with an 8 year old and a just-about 5.5 year old. You do the math. The last eight years, besides trying to figure out what to do with these little people we invited into our home, have been spent turning the husband into an emergency room physician (shhh, don’t tell him I told you. He hates that.). This project took us from Massachusetts, to California, to New York and now finally back to Massachusetts—although a different part of the state. With that goal achieved in the summer of 2010, we needed a new project to keep us on our toes. Enter homeschooling. Yes, this was my idea. As a stay at home mom with one son off to school and another not too far behind, I was beginning to feel a bit obsolete. I figured I needed to come up with a good plan so hubby would let me continue to laze about and eat bon-bons all day. Fortunately my powers of persuasion are numerous and great. We began homeschooling our second grader in the fall of 2010. The little guy is at home too and will soon begin adding some academics to his day. Now, not only am I NOT obsolete, I think I need another wife to do all of the cooking and cleaning. (Don’t get any ideas Dr. Hamp.)

I have a love-hate relationship with personal blogs. I dislike being the center of attention and feel that blogs scream ME, ME, ME!. But I enjoy thinking, overthinking, analyzing, and then trying to write it all down. I don’t fancy myself a writer but I try anyway. Fortunately teaching elementary school language arts to my son will quickly remind me of all the ways I am not a good writer. Please don’t feel like you need to help speed that process up. If you do feel the need, please do so gently.

In my few spare moments, I like to improve my photography and knitting skills. My prized possessions (is this a high school year book, or what?) are my Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera, my Simple Touch Nook, and my Knit Picks Harmony Wood interchangeable needles.

All in all I am lucky to have a good life, good health, and good people in my life.

*Although the facts are correct, I might just have my tongue stuck firmly in cheek as I write this introduction.

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