More Micro Photography

I try to mostly stick to homeschool related postings, but it’s hard. Sometimes the line blurs. Today I saw something so fabulous my mind keeps coming back to it and so, I have to share here. Plus, it is educational after all, even if it’s not about homeschooling.

From –  The Big Picture. Nikon Small World Photomicrography

Can you believe these are Mosquito Larvae! I just came in from mucking around in a local conservation area and I can confirm there is nothing beautiful about mosquitos when they are bitting every 5 seconds. But holy cow those babies are gorgeous!

And this. Graphite-bearing granulite. So perfectly abstract. I would hang this on my wall. Actually the colors would even work in our living room.

See many, many more at the Nikon Smallworld photo gallery. I think I’m going to be staring at these for a while.

One response to “More Micro Photography

  1. Home schooling is really a great adventure not to mention can actually help bring you closer with your own children, thank you hampchick a lot for telling your tale, it can help to pass on the message so additional young families could become closer!

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