Creative, Problem Solving Animals

It wasn’t all that long ago, we believed humans were the only animal species to use tools. Jane Goodall’s study of chimpanzee societies in the 1970’s proved that primates use tools, problem solve, and engage in many other “human” traits. Scientists have since taken more time to observe animals in their habitats and found that tool use is hardly limited to primates. This morning I read an article about a newly released video that shows a fish using a rock to open up a mollusk shell by throwing the shell against the rock repeatedly. Amazing!

Show this video to your children. I hope they are as amazed as my children and I were. For me, it’s humbling to remember that no matter how different humans seem from other animals, we are surprisingly similar in some really basic but perhaps unexpected ways.


One response to “Creative, Problem Solving Animals

  1. Homeschooling is without a doubt a wonderful experience and will surely help bring you very close with your small children, thank you hampchick a lot for telling your tale, it contributes greatly to spread the message so far more families could become much closer!

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