Week 2 Wrap-Up: What Worked and What Didn’t

It’s Saturday already so I suppose that means we made it though another week. I don’t want to write a book again so I will mix it up and just comment on what went well this week and what went not so well.


Science! What? The topic we live for? I do love our science curriculum. I’m having trouble keeping us together and on track. The kids have a tendency to become wild whenever we ‘sit down’ to do science. I’m trying to analyze what is going wrong because lately it’s been nothing but frustration. I’m constantly saying things such as: Come back. Didn’t you just get water before we started? Sit on your bottom not your head. And so much, much more. It is wearing me out to the point that I. don’t. want. to. do. science. Which would be a shame because we all do enjoy it when it goes well.


EJ continues to rock in math. This week he learned how to use drawing tools; T-square, and 30-60 triangle and was a natural at it. He doesn’t spend much time drawing on his own, but I think something more technical, like the geometric shapes he worked on this week might be more up his alley.

JD is also rockin’ in math. I just started him on Right Start Level A late last week. He’s getting the concept that 5 is special and he learned the days of the week this week. I’m finding that much more than EJ, he needs a cheerleader. Too bad I’m a lousy cheerleader. I’m trying though.

2011-Sep-16_010 We had a fun afternoon with our homeschool group on Friday learning about critters that live in the water. It was pretty informal and mostly the kids all had a great time mucking about and collecting tiny fish, tadpoles, and a couple of itty bitty critters. I love seeing them all work together!

Hoping to find aquatic life

“A Vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic.” Max Von Sydow

This coming week we will be in Boston for a fun family vacation. It will be the first time Mr. Hamp and I have been back since we moved from the area eight years ago. It feels just a bit decadent taking vacation when all of the kids peers will be in school. Even though it’s just Boston, I think it will feel like a vacation out of season.

Have a terrific week!


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has to say something with mine I aalerdy follow Our Growing Garden, off to follow your other one as well :)Thanks for stopping in.

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