Monthly Wrap-up: April

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. To be honest there isn’t much of any variety to talk about so I haven’t bothered. Maybe I need to think about doing this just once a month. I’ll probably ramble a bit today because there are a lot of different things on my mind. My apologies for that.

We are scheduled to close on our new house Monday, although a bit annoyed at the people involved right now. Our bank told us we were all set, but failed to tell us that we needed to pay for a year of insurance up front. Because they didn’t have proof that we paid the insurance, they didn’t send the paperwork to the lawyer as expected on Wednesday. The lawyer didn’t bother to call us or the bank to find out what the delay was. And this morning, Friday, an hour before my husband was to leave for the airport, we find out we have to scramble to get a payment to our insurance company. But it’s done and will probably result in only a few hours delay on the closing.

We’re very excited but a bit overwhelmed. Mr. Hamp is in Chicago this weekend taking the second part of his board exam. He’ll get home Sunday in time to do the final walkthrough. Close Monday, then we have to slap some paint colors on the walls and let the painters know what colors to buy. We will have a pool (yay!) but it hasn’t been opened yet and with all the rain we’ve had here the cover has slipped and most likely let in a lot of debris. Yuck! We don’t plan on moving everything over until May 23rd, but the house is just down the street so I’m sure I’ll be bringing things over sooner than that.

Needless to say we probably won’t be doing a lot of schooling over the next few weeks. I think that’s okay though because we’ve really covered an amazing amount of material this year and will continue working through the summer. Although, it will be hard with that lovely pool in our back yard!

I’ll start with JD (5yo). He is doing only about 10-15 minutes of work most days:

Reading: I started him on Click N Read Phonics last week. He’s doing really well and can now recognize the words: am, Sam, sat, cat, mat, Cam, and dad. After he started CNR, I realized he didn’t recognize all of the lower case letters. So we worked on that a bit with our All About Spelling letter tiles.

Writing: He’s also having some success with writing. We’ve been working through Handwriting without Tears pre-k book for a while now. He loves writing his letters and coloring with me. I’ll have him continue practicing through the summer and then move to the Kindergarten HWT book.

Math: We continue to work through Mathematical Reasoning book 2 from the Critical Thinking company. For the most part this is easy stuff for him, he has developed a good number sense and hopefully will be ready to move to Right Start Level A in the fall.

On to EJ. He and I do about 3 hours of work each day together and then he typically does another hour independently after lunch. This post is getting long so I’ll just cover a few things.

Spelling: After completing the our second level of All About Spelling in January we decided to take a break for a bit. Two weeks ago we started in on Level 3 and it would seem that the break didn’t cost us too much time. Spelling for EJ is so much easier since we started this program and it’s so easy to teach that I really love it.

History/Science: We are studying Ancient Egypt after two months with pre-history. History is the one subject that will be the most interrupted with our move because we are right in the middle of our several week Egyptian study. We’ve missed out on doing science for a couple of weeks but will get back to it eventually. It’s an area where I’m not too worried because we are ahead of what the public schools expect.

Reading: EJ has had a breakthrough in reading I think. He’s a good reader and has made lots of progress this year, but struggles to find reading material that engages him. Actually I think the library is just overwhelming to him. I haven’t pushed too hard, instead trying to help him search out books that were interesting to him. He spend a good many months reading nothing but comic books which I think was the gateway into more independent reading. He recently discovered the Secrets of Droon series and has read nine or ten of them multiple times over the last couple of weeks. At the moment, he can’t seem to get enough reading! This makes me so happy because I have such high hopes of having two readers in the family. I did some informal reading assessments and I think he’s reading at about a high fourth grade level. Knowing this will help me pick out books at, and just above his comfortable reading level.

So that’s us for the last few weeks. Stay tuned for a review of some of the books we read this month.

As always, thanks for reading.


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