Drawing: Robots VS. Zombies

I posted a while back about signing up for 3 years of access to Mark Kistler’s online drawing lessons. I didn’t realize until recently that if you do the School of Imagination the lessons progress through a series of techniques for making your drawings look more 3-dimensional. So far I’ve been just letting the boys pick which drawing lesson to do based on their interest. I think for future lessons we’ll try the progression to see how it works.

The boys recently drew Mark’s Robot Throwbot and had such a fun time with it that they wanted to do it again and expand their drawing a bit more.  Because they’ve been playing Plants Vs. Zombies on my iPhone, they naturally wanted to hit this theme. Actually, they are sort of obsessed, even as I sit here writing this they are talking about zombies. I play too so I can hardly complain.

Throwbots vs. Zombies

Here’s JD shortly after starting, you can see his throwbot is completed. Typical for my foodie, there is a slice of pizza at the throwbot’s feet.

And here is his completed drawing. I’m pretty sure the zombies won that round. I absolutely love that large zombie front and center. Such attention detail with that mouth and hair (at least I think it’s hair). Can’t you just feel the evil?
Throwbot VS Giant Zombie

Here’s EJ just shortly after starting his drawing. One throwbot down, two more to go.

And his completed drawing. I feel confident that the Throwbots are winning this round, thankfully no brains will be eaten today. Those are peas that the throwbots are throwing at the zombies, why they have faces I’m not sure. I’ve never served vegetables with faces before 🙂
Throwbots versus Zombies

The boys still don’t draw much on their own but that’s okay. I’m glad that we’ve found something that they can do to find new ways of being creative.


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