At least that’s how I think it would be spelled.

Sometimes my kids surprise me. This morning JD was dancing  around with a scrap of construction paper singing “Okehoma, Okehoma, Okehoma.” Wondering why on earth he was singing about something that sounded vaguely Japanese. He said “mom, it looks like the state of Okehoma!”  Oh, of course it does, and that’s exactly something I would expect a five year old to know! [not]

The sad thing was, I had to consult our map the the U.S. to see if he was right, and darn it all if he wasn’t. That paper was shaped just like Oklahoma.

I entered the 21st century a few weeks ago and got an iPhone. It has become the daily siren call for my kids. “Mom, can I play your iPhone?” Well, with games like “Stack The States” by Dan Russell-Pinson, how can I say no. EJ is learning the states, their geographic location in the U.S. (because mean mommy makes him look them up on the map) and JD, who mostly guesses is obviously picking up state names and shape. Available also is “Stack the Countries” which I’m holding off getting until they’ve exhausted Stack the States.

Of course as much as they are enjoying educational games, they are also enjoying “Plants Vs. Zombies” and Lego’s “Ninjago Spinjitzu.”  I suppose those could be educational, if they had to become ninjas to fight off brain eating zombies. Right?


2 responses to “Okehoma

  1. HAHAHAHA!! Well, have you seen the movie “Shaun of the Dead?” He *did* have to more or less become a zombie-killing ninja. So, at least in the movies, it’s possible! (I say this with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek, of course.)

    We love ‘Stack the States,’ too, and ‘Math Rocket,’ which is by the same guy. Awesome stuff!

    • Surprisingly, we have not seen Shaun of the Dead which is odd since we usually do go in for those zombie movies. 🙂

      Yes, Math Rocket is great although they spend more time playing with the rocket than doing math, but anything that helps them practice right?

      Thanks for the comment Sarah!

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