Today I learned…

Warning, politics ahead. Look away if you don’t want to see a rant by a progressive/liberal against some local Tea party or 9/12’ers.

Today I learned that abortion is at fault for social security insolvency. Yep, that’s right, too many people women getting abortions, means fewer people contributing to social security.

…believes the system is in danger because there are too few people contributing to it. The lack of contributors, he reckons, is due to abortion.

“If we’re aborting our kids that means we have less people putting into the system,” …

Might as well blame birth control too. Don’t forget to blame women who are having their first child later in life, or those that choose (gasp!) to remain childless. Perhaps, had I started pumping out the good little citizens when I was 20 instead of 37, there would be at least one or two more little Hamps contributing to social security today.

And on education?

“They have to remove history from school by taking God out of the schools. They literally cannot teach tons of the history of the founding fathers because there are hundreds of writings that deal with God and the founding of the country. They can’t teach that in school.”

I’ll tell you what I think has been removed from schools: critical thinking. Despite my overwhelming urge to debunk this ignorant statement I think I’ll not waste my time. Because frankly, I know that if this is what you believe then it doesn’t matter what I write here. What irritates me the most, is that some Christians can’t get past their own privileged long enough to understand that keeping religion out of public schools protects their rights even as it protects mine.

I’ll admit that I simply can’t relate to this kind of attitude. There’s an hypocrisy that I can’t get my head wrapped around. They claim to want the government out of personal lives but have no problem with government getting into spiritual matters. They are against government health care but many accept Medicare/Medicaid. They don’t want the government making health decisions (rightly so) for them, but are okay with legislating reproductive matters for women. Sometimes I think that I, like Alice, have fallen down the rabbit hole.


2 responses to “Today I learned…

  1. They want government to be small enough to fit inside the uterus. Or so I have been told. The phrase *Founding fathers is simply code for Paternalism. It has nothing to do in reality with the actual founding of, or evolution of this country as a Democratic Republic.

    I am unaware of any girl who fantasizes about having an abortion when she grows up. I am unaware of any women who truly desires that process, the way one might desire chocolate or a new car. However the current propaganda model is based on presenting this procedure and the women who undertake it as bad citizens, and female monsters unworthy of legal protections or social acceptance. They have successfuly framed the debate by equating the act of keeping that option on the table–as having already committed the act with the conotation that it was done for nefarious reasons rather than as a medical necessity. It is easy for me shoot a hole in their whole premise: Trying to take away my rights to reproductive self determination on the basis of sectarian religious morality is a violation of my First Amendment Rights which affords me not only freedom of religion but also freedom from religion. Attempting to meddle with my private medical decisions is also a violation of my privacy. I fully support any woman’s right to be pregnant, get pregnant, stay pregnant–etc., whatever her reasons are. They are hers. But I also support a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy or to prevent pregnancy. I don’t have to like or approve of her behavior, morality or activities. It’s not about me and my feelings. It’s about her sovereignty, her freedom, and her body and life.

    All the what if scenarios, and horror stories, etc., they are red herrings and attempts at emotional manipulation. Ultimately my goal is for safe, comprehensive medical care for all women in every stage of their lives and reproductive cycles. And that with adequate education, access to birth control that many abortions could be avoided entirely. And that if we had a better national support system for all primary caregivers [which includes gravid women] that many might not feel compelled to choose between providing for their already living children and unplanned pregnancy.

  2. It IS easy to shoot holes in their premise except when they stick their fingers in their ears and scream “la la la la, I can’t hear you”. It’s worse than having a small child that does that because at least with the child there is hope they will grow and mature.

    Thank you for your comment!

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