on my mind today

Aarrg, nothing like starting up a new blog only to have life take over and be unable to devote time to writing.

I woke up after a night tossing and turning with little decent sleep (see below) to the news of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan. It feels totally inadequate to say how sad I feel for the people of Japan for what they are going through today and for months to come. My mother-in-law, her husband,  and my brother-in-law are in Hawaii so we were a bit worried about the tsunami danger. Fortunately their home is on high ground and was not in the evacuation zone. Although there is some flooding near her bakery, they are unharmed.  There isn’t much I can do to help the affected people but I plan to make a donation, probably to the Red Cross, in the next day or two.

In other news, we have been in intense negotiation to buy a home just down the street from where we are renting right now. We love this neighborhood and it would break my heart to have to move the kids away from the great friends they’ve made here. There were three houses on the market, now down to one. We made our first offer just about 24 hours ago, we’re going to make our second counter-offer tomorrow after letting all parties sit on it for a night.

It’s a strange set of circumstances where the seller had only just bought the property in late 2010 and then decided that they liked a house down the street better (seriously, WHO does that!), bought that one last month and moved in. They put their house on the market at $30K over what they paid for it less than a year ago. T & I are both stressed out and not happy with the way the sellers are negotiating but we have made some progress. I think if we do manage to come to an agreement it will be hard-won fight.

Finally, my baby turned 5 yesterday. Maybe it’s because he’s younger, but I feel like EJ seemed so much older when he turned 5. JD really still feels like a little kid to me (and of course he is!). He’s my sweet, dramatic, family clown and I just couldn’t imagine not having him in our lives. He drives me bonkers so many days, but always ends the day with hugs, kisses and lots of love. We just had a small family celebration but he’ll get to do his favorite, bowling, on Sunday with friends of ours.

Don’t be hating on our shoddy rendition of Happy Birthday, m’kay?

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