Weekly Wrap-up 3/4/11

After two really light weeks we got back to business again.

Math: EJ covered lessons 19-21 in Right Start. I still feel like this is mostly review for him but he is getting some good practice adding two digit numbers mentally. For fun he did a few pages from his Balance Math book.


We continued our study of pre-history after the dinosaur mass extinction with the rise of mammals. We read from the Usborne World History Encyclopedia and the boys watched Walking with Beasts which takes off where Walking with Dinosaurs leaves off.

In BFSU both boys completed lesson C-4: Distinguishing between Matter and Energy. EJ completed a page for his science notebook comparing attributes of matter vs. attributes of energy.

Language Arts: The poem this week was The Pasture, by Robert Frost. Our literature selection is Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (what a cute story!), which will continue next week. We also spent some time reviewing the poems covered during the last 5 weeks. EJ did some writing practice as part of his science work.

EJ continued typing with Typing Instructor, continued drawing with Mark Kistler online. You can see some of our work here.

This week I’m going to try something different and put our reading wrap-up in a separate post.

Thanks for reading!


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